We hope you and your families had a healthy and relaxing Easter break. As we enter another week of lockdown procedures, the site continues to operate well, with all staff strictly adhering to the measures we have in place. Today we have seen a drop in absence rates as those that were self-isolating return to […]


We continue to remain open and as we start to adjust to a new way of working we seem to be settling in to our new routines well. We have also managed to successfully navigate our year end stock take and goods in/out has returned to normal after a short hiatus. Our operational status is […]


As we remain open we have taken some more steps to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our staff.  We have staggered start times and break times to avoid any potential grouping of personnel and this is working well.  We are fortunate in that the design of our factory, by its nature means workers are […]


Our operational status is that we are currently operating to normal capacity. We have seen a small number of people self-isolating (<10%), which of course is encouraged, but we have enlisted the services of temporary labour to fill these gaps as we wait for the return of our colleagues. Cod Beck Blenders Team At this […]